Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tag! Getting to know me!

I've never been e-tagged before! Thanks to Hamiharri of Another Wedding Blog for my very very first e-tag!

So, the purpose of the tag is to get to know me with 8 fact/habits about myself! Here goes:

1. I have a 10cm-long v-shaped scar where my right shin meets the foot. I jumped onto a glass cover of a portable oven when I was three and had to get 40 stiches. The doctor was afraid that I may have severed major tendons in that area. I reckon that's why I can flex my right foot more than my left!

2. I'm afraid to have children. Like Hamiharri, I will go for the elective C-section. I'm just afraid that they'll turn out as rebellious and naughty as I was.

3. I am a huge Star Wars fan. I want to be Luke Skywalker. I almost bought a S$300+ light sabre that lights up and sounds exactly like Luke's.

4. I have a chocolate bunny who is more than a year old. I'm carrying out a scientific experiment to determine how long chocolate bunnies live.

5. I love animals, especially dogs. But I don't own a dog because I can't trust myself to care for him/her. If I ever have a dog, he/she will be an Alaskan Husky.

6. I sponsor two children through World Vision. One girl from Lesotho in the African continent and one boy from the Philippines. The girl excels in Maths and Science and the boy wants to be a doctor when he grows up. I am so proud of my children and would love to visit them some day.

7. So far, I have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. If I get a chance, my next stop would be America.

8. The name i-Weddings is derived from my given name. It's not a inspired copy of the Apple's iPod name. I was given my name long before Apple gave iPod its name. So I reckon Apple got their inspiration from my name. NOT!

I tag:
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