Monday, December 24, 2007

Planning - Role of the Maid of Honour

The Maid of Honour's role is to assist the bride in the planning leading up to the wedding day. She also supports the bride where ever possible.

Her role includes:
  • Attending pre-wedding parties
  • Arranging the date for bridesmaids' gowns fitting
  • Hosting the bridal shower
  • Paying for her own wedding outfit, excluding jewellery and flowers
  • Hosting the hens night
  • Keeping the bride stress free on the wedding day

  • Arranging the bride's gown and veil
  • Holding the groom's ring until needed at the wedding ceremony
  • Holding the bride's bouquet during the wedding ceremony
  • Acting as a witness to the signing of the certificate of marriage
  • Helping the bride bustle her train and removing her head piece
  • Sitting to the left of the groom at the main table
  • Helping the bride change for the honeymoon

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